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Updated 09/18/23 at 7:45am

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GSA Seating Guidlines


GSA Field Street Address

Ray Thomas Jr. Fields
2101 Maple Street
Georgetown, TX 78626


GSA Field Cancellations Due to Extreme Weather

Lightning Policy: In the event of lightning, GSA operates on the 20/30 rule. If lightening strikes within 20 miles of the soccer fields, then we clear the fields for a minimum of 30 minutes. We use the WeatherBug app to monitor lightning.

Cold Weather Policy: All activities at GSA fields will be cancelled if the air temperature is 35 degrees or lower OR the temperature with wind chill (the effective temperature) is 35 degrees or lower.

Excessive Heat Policy: GSA has combined many thoughtful considerations and reviewed many policies from different organizations to establish the policy identified below.  If at any time you are concerned about the health and safety of your player and wish to remove them from practice, please feel free to do so by communicating with the coach so they are aware.

If the Heat Index is above the temp listed below, the following schedule should be followed for the duration of practice-
90 degrees – 25 minutes of practice with a 5 minute water break
100 degrees – 15 minutes of practice with a 5 minute water break
110 degrees – 10 minutes of practice with a 5 minute water break
Coaches should make every attempt possible to have breaks occur in shaded areas.
Remind players to bring extra water.
Coaches and players should all be instructed to monitor each other for signs of heat related injuries.

GSA Field Safety Guidelines & Policies

Please take a moment to read the GSA Field Safety Policies.

Additional Facility Policies:

  • Pets are prohibited
  • Observe No Parking signs. Violators will be towed if notification with vehicle owner cannot be made
  • No parking along the entry to the parking lot
  • Smoking or consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited
  • Glass bottles are prohibited
  • Please place all trash into available trash receptacles
  • Parking is permitted at Annie Purl Elementary School, north of the GSA fields

GSA Field Contact Info

Director of Fields and Facilities

Juan Cuzquen

Season Game and Friendly/Scrimmages Info
Casey Morrison

Practice Times and Field Assignments
Jill Gardner